Ashley Toutounchi, MD

Board Certified Physician

Come see for yourself, the Aura MD medical experience is patient-focused and customized for you.


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Aura MD is a medical practice that implements services for both emotional well-being and physical health.  

Dr. Ashley Toutounchi offers the highest quality psychiatric care for most mental health issues including Adult ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Women's Health Issues and a variety of other behavioral health issues.  

At Aura MD, Dr. Ashley Toutounchi  provides a delicate balance between incorporating both medication management in addition to other ancillary services available.   She communicates openly with her patients and considers the patient's treatment goals and seamlessly fuses into a medically appropriate therapeutic regimen for most common psychiatric conditions.


Dr. Toutounchi delivers personalized medical services in an energetic and professional manner while offering services in the a serene and polished medical office.

Ashley Toutounchi, MD:

                            Board Certified Psychiatrist

                            Physician Supervised Wellness & Weight Optimization

Common Issues Aura MD Provides Treatment For:

Adult ADHD

Anxiety & Depression

Wellness & Weight Optimization

Other Practitioners:

  • Nurse Practitioner:  Brandon Provost, FNP-BC

  • Therapist:  Emilio Jimenez, MA, LPC

Aura MD
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