Single Injection: $35
Bundle of 6: $175
Bundle of 12: $225

What is a Slim Shot?



Vitamin B12 injections can boost energy levels within days.

In addition to more energy,  can promote clear skin, restful sleep and improved memory.  

B12 also helps to keep you healthy and your immune system in tip-top shape. 

Injections of B12 are about 600 times more powerful than over the counter supplements.


Methionine- is an essential amino acids that helps in deactivating    estrogens and as a result it aids the liver in metabolizing fat. It helps in converting sugar and carbohydrate into energy.

Inositol-  Assists in regulation of insulin and serotonin levels. It plays an important role fat metabolism and reducing blood cholesterol levels. Inositol is credited with anxiety stabilization, as well as appetite management.

 Choline-This is one of the essential tools the body uses for detoxifying the body of harmful  chemicals. Choline helps liver function by aiding in the removal of fat and bile and ensuring that those fats are utilized for energy.

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