Administration: Very small daily injections (self-administered) 

Available for select clients who are optimal candidates 

Please inquire with our office regarding availability and full evaluation.

Sermorelin Injections 


Naturally boost growth hormone levels without potential hormonal imbalance associated with direct hgh supplementation. 

The hormone is produced by recombinant gene technology.

Studies have shown that this form of therapy has been successful in allowing aging patients to feel and look younger.

Great way to maximize your body's own potential for hgh production without injecting exogenous hormone into your system which can have negative and long term side effects.


 Cold Hard Truth:

  • Growth Hormone is in large part what keeps us feeling healthy and youthful in our younger years.  
    • After the age of 30 years old, hormone levels of hgh naturally start to decline as a part of the aging process in both men and women​.
    •  By the time you are 60, your levels are depleted by 80 percent. ​​

“The effects of six months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose tissue reversed the equivalent of changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging. The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable…We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed.”  
                                                                                        – Dr. Daniel Rudman, MD – New England Journal of Medicine

-Enhances the immune system and accelerates healing from wounds/surgery

-Promotes non-REM slow wave sleep (most restful, deep sleep stage)

-Reduces liver uptake of glucose and Promotes glycogenesis

-Plays a role in fuel homeostasis within your body

-Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets

-Promoted improved water absorption of skin cells, which has the benefit of making skin smoother/clearer while also diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of Sermorelin Treatment:

-Increases energy, vitality, strength and endurance                                
-Increases lean body mass 
-Breaks down body fat and fatty acids
-Improves heart function
-Increases calcium retention which strengthens bone density

-Increased libido


Three Month Treatment Course: $999

Six Month Treatment Course: $1895

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