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Adult ADHD

Dr. Toutounchi specializes in treatment of adults who have impairment in their work and home environment including: 

  • chronic issues of poor focus

  • scattered thoughts

  • inability to complete tasks efficiently

  •  issues with productivity at work or school

  • unusually fidgety during meetings 

  • Jumping from one task to another without completing the previous task

  • Adult ADHD affects around 5% of the population and is most effectively treated with medication management.

  • If you are experiencing some of the above symptoms, please make an appointment for a full evaluation

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Anxiety can be occur in a variety of different symptoms and can manifest in a variety of different ways.  Some specific anxiety symptoms are:

  • Excessive worry

  • Physical symptoms such as rapid heart rate, sweating, tingling, shortness of breath

  • Anxiety related to prior trauma experienced

  • Anxiety related to social situations specifically and worry about the judgment of others

  • Avoidance of certain situations due to anxiety or emotional discomfort

  • Poor Focus

  • Weight Changes

  • These are just a few signs of anxiety, click below for more information.


Depression is one of the most common medical issues.  Symptoms can range from mild to severe, typically significant enough to interfere with your daily life.  There are options to treat depression with medications, psychotherapy or combination of both.

Common Symptoms of depression are:

  • Feeling sad daily for weeks at a time

  • Decreased interest 

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Fatigue, Low Motivation, Poor Focus

  • Appetite too much or too little

  • Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or excessive guilt

  • Thoughts of self-harm in severe cases

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Toutounchi offers a variety of treatments to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals and attaining a renewed sense of freedom, self-confidence and improved physical state.

We understand that every patient is unique in their weight loss goals and needs.  We have a variety of treatment programs that we can customize to meet your personalized needs, while considering a program that is appropriate for any co-occuring medical issues that you may have.

Weight loss has been proven to not only improve mood and overall wellness, but objectively improve individual outcomes such as high blood pressure, pre-diabetic/type II diabetes, high cholesterol and risk of coronary artery disease.

Women's Health Issues

Women are specifically prone to certain psychiatric symptoms with hormonal changes specifically during adolescence,  postpartum and menopause.

Dr. Toutounchi is informative and knowledgeable regarding medication management during or after pregnancy, management while breastfeeding and medications that particularly minimize symptoms during and after menopausal hormone changes.

Women's health is a complex issue and you deserve specialized care  while caring for yourself as well as your new baby or life/body transitions.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is typically a chronic condition that requires ongoing medication management.  It affects approximately 3% of the population.

Bipolar Disorder consists of two distinct phases:  

  • Mania and Depression:

  • Manic symptoms typically last around a week at minimum with excessive  energy, reduced need for sleep, overly talkative, restlessness, mood unusually elevated or euphoric. Also can experience irritability, abrupt mood shifts, impulsivity, reckless behavior or loss of touch with reality.

  • Depression typically lasts weeks to months with low mood, hopelessness, worthlessness, sleep or weight changes, poor focus, low motivation, decreased interest in normal activities.  

Some patients with Bipolar Disorder experience predominantly depressive episodes, while others can alternate often between mania or depression.  

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There are many causes for lack of sleep and Dr. Toutounchi diligently works with you in obtaining a full medical history in identifying any potential underlying medical causes that could be attributing to problems with falling asleep or staying asleep.

If there are no medical issues that can be found to cause your sleep issues, Dr. Toutounchi will help you find a treatment that will help in treating your symptoms with a safe treatment plan and optimizing your time to rest at night so you can live each day to the fullest- free of chronic fatigue, brain fog or irritability!

Insomnia also commonly occurs within the context of mood or anxiety issues and Dr. Toutounchi will work with you to not only treat the underlying issues but also treat your insomnia to maximize your quality of life on a daily basis.

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