The Skinny on Weight Loss Management

What I've seen as a physician is that self esteem, self perception of our body image are often key factors that affect the way that we feel about ourselves on a daily basis.

The weight management services at AuraMD are offered and designed to assist anyone that is struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

It is impossible to separate the deep connection between body and mind, they are intimately connected and overlap extensively... and that has been scientifically proven time and time again.

As I started seeing more and more patients frustrated with maintaining a healthy weight- whether the cause is a busy professional life with "no time" to think about diet/exercise, situational stress that causes weight gain by "stress eating" or just chronic poor lifestyle habits- it is a huge issue for so many individuals. That's when I decided to to take a proactive approach on assisting patients in achieving their optimal health in weight loss services.

I finally decided that as a medical doctor, I could no longer go on without addressing this issues given the prevalence of patients that were struggling with weight gain. Overweight or obesity is associated with a myriad of comorbid issues- diabetes type II, depression, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, disrupted sleep, fertility issues...the list goes on and on.

It is highly common to suffer from low mood when and low self-esteem when you are not satisfied with your reflection in the mirror. Besides, feeling good and looking healthy are essential! We are here to assist you in your weight loss journey to assist you in facilitating inner health by also helping you maintain a healthy body image and weight.

It has been unusually rewarding to assist my patients to achieve their optimum level of health- and the level of satisfaction and elimination of barriers they previously had placed on themselves because of their weight. More active lifestyle, healthier social life and state of true overall and complete wellness. When you look good, you typically will notice your mood improves as well. Self-respect and confidence are heavily dependent on how we feel about ourselves!

So in this case, it’s all about weight loss, sustaining a healthy weight, and understanding what a healthy diet really consists of that you can maintain long-term!

We are here to assist you on this journey, whether you choose medication management to assist you on your path to fitness, therapeutic injections or hCG injections we are here to educate you on your possible options and ways to achieve effective weight loss but also establish long-term habits that will help you not only lose the weight but keep it off!

What are you weighting for??

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