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When I Lose Weight I'll Take that Beach Vacation...

When I Lose Weight I'll Go to my Reunion...

When I Lose Weight I'll have more Confidence...

When I Lose Weight I'll buy that fitted dress...

The Time is Now.  Start Living Your Life to its Fullest!

Each patient initially receives a comprehensive body analysis, including detailed body composition and measurements at the initial visit and at incrementally every 3 months to track your progress.

Our Weight Loss Coordinator will help devise an appropriate caloric intake for your weight loss goals base on your individual  metabolic rate to keep you on track with continued, successful weight loss.


Our Weight Loss Management Coordinator works alongside Dr. Toutounchi to give you the personalized treatment options that will get you the optimized results for your weight loss goals.  You will have your initial 45 minute evaluation your personal weight loss consultant and Dr. Toutounchi will guide your treatment by suggesting  an appropriate treatment that is compatible with your current health state and a thorough review of your medical history and labwork .

We understand the struggles associated with weight fluctuations and will perform your evaluation to prescribe a medically appropriate treatment regimen that is specifically appropriate for you- considering both your lifestyle,as well as long term and short term goals.  

So...What are you Weighting for?

         Call today to schedule your initial evaluation!  

Commonly Prescribed FDA-Approved Medications to Assist with Weight Loss are:

                                         Adipex (phentermine)

                                         Qsymia (phentermine + topiramate)

                                         Contrave (bupropion + naltrexone)

                                         Belviq (lorcaserin)

Weight Loss Medication PrograM


---Full Initial Consultation with Weight Loss Coordinator and  full medical and lab review by Dr. Toutounchi

---Monthly In-Office Weigh-ins, full body measurements every 3 months to track your progress, Full Body Composition Analysis

---Customized, Comprehensive Chart of your Weight Loss Progress

---Nutritional Guidance 

---Prescriptions provided at Initial Visit and Monthly Follow-Up Appointments 

Bonus! B-12 injection + LipoLean injection on your initial consultation

--- Packages for additional Lipotropic injections available

---Flexiblity to Continue Your Daily Exercise Regimen

---Ongoing Weight Loss Support via phone, in office, or our patient portal- pick the option that is convenient for you!

Initial Evaluation: $199
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