Why get an injection when I can take it by mouth as a pill?


Increased Absorption/Bioavailability  

       Oral supplements must first be broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and then absorbed by the body before any supplement taken         by mouth can begin to take effect. Additionally, low quality nutrients and cheap fillers decrease the bio-availability of supplements,             greatly reducing absorption, causing in unpredictable levels of the levels of the active ingredient in your body.

        Vitamin Injections provide direct delivery of nutrients into the body’s tissues, ensuring 100% absorption of the                                               active ingredients.


No First Pass Metabolism


        Oral supplements are heavily metabolized by liver and GI tract priorate being released into your bloodstream. This greatly reduces the          amount of active ingredients available to your body.

       Alternatively, vitamin injections avoid the" first-pass effect." Meaning, the active ingredients are not subjected to the extensive                      metabolism as with oral supplements, resulting in higher levels of nutrients actually reaching their target tissues.

Rapid Onset 

         Because they are injected directly into the muscle tissue, they do not require metabolism by your body to take effect and as a result           start to have very rapid effects that are quickly noticeable and predictable.  With oral supplements, not only is there a delay to onset           of effect but there is also an unknown of active ingredient that is actually usable by your body.

Ensured Quality- Pharmaceutical Grade Guarantee
         Unlike oral dietary supplements, vitamin injections contain the highest quality ingredients at the correct potencies without fillers or              contaminants.   AuraMD only uses pharmaceutical grade therapeutic injections that are specifically formulated for our office by a                certified compounding pharmacy located in the United States.
          Following administration, the active ingredients are completely absorbed by the body injections create a delayed release effect                     (depot) in which the active ingredients are released progressively over time at a continuous rate
          Therefore, vitamin injections require less frequent dosing than oral supplements. 
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