Glutathione- the Most Potent Antioxidant


-Slows Down Aging Process

-Significantly enhanced skin elasticity and  improvement of fine lines and wrinkles 

-Increased Energy

-Greatly Improves Overall Skin as well as scarring

-Eliminates Age Spots

-Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain

-Improves Overall Mental Clarity 

-Properties that Assist in Liver Detoxification

-Enhanced Sleep Quality

-Minimizes advert effects of stress


General Administration Information:

Recommended Dosing of injections: Twice/week

How is it best taken?   Studies show that the most effective way to increase glutathione levels is by injection and is the route by which glutathione is administered at AuraMD.

Glutathione assists in the repair of damaged cells caused by stress, radiation, pollution and infection. Throughout the stages of aging, glutathione levels in our bodies naturally begin to deplete, and as a result cells lose their ability to repair themselves.   Glutathione supplements assist in repleting the reduced glutathione levels caused by age.  

Glutathione functions as a total body health supplement that has pronounced skin health benefits.

Cost:  $39/injection

One Month Package: $289

Two Month Package: $479

Three Month Package: $599

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