Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of seeing a psychiatrist online?

The biggest benefit to scheduling an appointment with your physician or psychiatrist online is convenience. You have the freedom to choose the time of day you’d like to speak with your doctor. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to connect via video with your doctor from wherever you feel most comfortable and safe to discuss your treatment. Online psychiatric visits enable you to see your psychiatrist much faster than a traditional in-person visit.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a new patient, simply click on the Request a New Appointment button and fill out our New Patient Request form. We review all new requests within 24 hours and will send you a text message confirmation about your appointment time along with a link to connect with your psychiatrist online at the time of your appointment.

What happens during my first appointment?

Once your appointment is confirmed and your new patient information is entered in our system, you will simply visit the link we send you to connect with your psychiatrist via video online. Much like a traditional in-person visit, your psychiatrist will ask you questions to further understand your needs. At the end of your first appointment, your psychiatrist will share their insights about your needs and may outline treatment options with you.

How do prescriptions online work?

If your psychiatrist deems that medication is a necessary step in your treatment plan, we will simply send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Do you offer appointments online or in the office?

Typically speaking? Either, according to your preference. However, currently during the COVID-19 health concerns we are offering our services exclusively remotely to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

What do I need to do to get an appointment?

We understand that reaching out for help can be intimidating. The good news? We make it as easy as possible. Here’s the process to get started: Submit your information below to notify us of your interest. If you plan to use insurance (Cigna or Magellan), please include your ID# so we can verify benefits. Typically within 24 business hours, a staff member will reach out for a brief telephone call. Once we decide to work together, we will schedule you with a doctor and provide you access to the Patient Portal, where you can complete the initial visit paperwork.
It’s crucial that you fill out the forms before your visit, so we can spend as much time listening to you and not doing paperwork. If they are not finished, we may need to reschedule your visit. Meet your provider! Your first visit is considered a consultation, and by end of it your doctor will tell you their clinical impressions and initial treatment recommendations. If your doctor prescribes medications or labs, they will be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy or laboratory. You and your doctor will decide on an appropriate time frame for follow up (e.g., within 2 weeks), and set an appointment in the calendar.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept Cigna and Magellan Health plans.

What are my options if my insurance isn’t accepted?

Many first-time patients have never considered looking outside their insurance network to find a psychiatrist. However, finding an in-network psychiatrist is not as easy as you may think. Unlike most other medical doctors, many psychiatrists: Do not accept insurance Do not respond to calls and emails Do not accept new patients Have a very long waitlist There are also some limitations to consider when limiting your search in-network: Experienced psychiatric specialists are hard to find In-network clinicians are limited to what the insurance companies can cover, limiting your treatment High deductibles can discourage many from seeking treatment Insurance companies have to document your psychiatric visits, reducing privacy You may find that those that are willing to accept you as a new patient have appointments months from now By expanding your search out-of-network, you can: Find more experienced psychiatrists that are specialized in your needs Receive highly personalized service and treatment to reach your goals Most insurance companies will reimburse up to 80% of your session fees Your visits are not documented with your insurance company for greater privacy Out-of-network psychiatrists typically have greater availability, so you can schedule your sessions quickly By going out-of-network, you increase your chances of finding the right match for you.

What is the cost for an appointment?

The initial 45-60 minute consultation with Dr. Toutounchi is $450. The initial consultation (45-60 mins) with Brandon Provost, Nurse Practitioner is $350. Follow up appts (15 min): Dr. Ashley Toutounchi are $159 Brandon Provost are $119. As quickly as possible, we attempt to stabilize you and transition your treatment regimen to a every 3 month appointment visit (however, this varies depending on the health issues and severity being treated)

What makes Aura MD different from other clinics?

We don’t overbook or double book. We value your time. We offer in office or online appointments according to your preference. Aura MD reaches out to you and reaches you on your journey, wherever you may be to help you mend and remold yourself to be your best self.

How do I reach my provider if I need assistance between appointments?

We are available for you- you have 24/7 ongoing access to your provider through our confidential portal. We typically respond within 24 hours to your requests.

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