Ashley Toutounchi, MD
Board Certified Physician
Medically Supervised
Weight Loss Management
Rapid Weight Loss Program

Pharmaceutical grade hCG for patients with significant weight to lose.

 Used with very low calorie diet for short period of time (21-43 days)


 Weight loss can average 0.5-1 pound/day.

Highly Motivated Need Only Apply!

Medication Treatment For Weight Loss

FDA approved medications to assist you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Options to help you lose weight in conjunction with healthy eating lifestyle.

Are you Weighting to Live?  
Take a Proactive Approach into your Wellness and Health
 Therapeutic Vitamin Injections

Variety of injectable  vitamin, amino acids and antioxidants that seamlessly assist the body in a variety of functions such as optimizing endurance and vitality, immunity or energy.

Can be used alone with diet/exercise routine

 or in conjunction with hCG Program or Medication Management Weight Loss.

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